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Campaign Bus Lawsuit

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There are open pleas for Financial and Legal support from Defendents being sued by Biden-Harris Bus Driver and Biden-Harris Campaigners who are High Profile Democrat Lawyers.

Defendents are Texas Citizens (ELIAZAR CISNEROS, HANNAH CEH, JOEYLYNN MESAROS, ROBERT MESAROS, DOLORES PARK, and JOHN and JANE DOES)  who followed the Biben-Harris Campaign bus on Texas freeways and they are being sued by Democrats. 

Plaintiffs (ERIC CERVINI, WENDY DAVIS, DAVID GINS, and TIMOTHY HOLLOWAY) claim they "feared for their life", suffering PTSD, and can no longer work.
High Profile Democrat lawyers, Campaign advocates, and the Bus Driver are seeking financial and punitive damages.

Defendents are seeking financial and legal assistance to fight these Trumped-up charges meant to set an example and punish anyone opposing the Biden-Harris camp.

Lawsuits Filed Against Pro-Trump Convoy That Surrounded ...

Former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, White House staffer David Gins, Biden-Harris campaign volunteer Eric Cervini and bus driver Timothy Holloway were traveling across Texas in a three-day tour for the Biden-Harris campaign. Davis, Gins and Holloway traveled inside the bus while Cervini followed outside in a separate SUV.

Defendent Plea:

Trump Train Patriots that followed the Biden/Harris bus in October 2020 are being sued by the Dems and NEED HELP PLEASE! We need Republican lawyers willing to do this on a pro-bono basis or percentage of winnings earned.

The Dem male staffer hit one of the train participants with his vehicle, and that Patriot’s life, Eliazar Cisneros, a Veteran whom loves his Country, was turned upside down after being doxxed online.

So far only 6 defendants are named in this case, we expect there to be many more added as several of us are mentioned in the body of the lawsuit that was filed against Patriots and Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement has already said the Patriot involved in the accident was NOT at fault. Yet the Dems twisted everything in the body of the lawsuit and are suing using the KKK Act of 1871. Lawsuit is attached.

Donation sites have been set up to help with legal fees so these people don’t lose their homes and vehicles as well:

Eliazar “Cisco” Cisneros GiveSendGo - Help for American Patriot Eliazar Cisneros: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

Mesaros family GiveSendGo - 1st Amendment Legal Defense for Mesaros Family: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

Dolores Park Fundraiser by Angelica Park : The BidenHarris Bus is suing my mom!!! (

There are other defendants as well, including a Jane & John Doe.

We need your help. We all love our Country and President Trump dearly. The election was stolen from us, please don’t let them steal the rest of our livelihoods from us as well.


Patriots of the Trump Trains!

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To Be Named

Click on Defendant to see their Funding page.

Below is the actual civil action filing.

Reading through the filing, you will notice an abundance of flowery and one sided second by second exaggerated recaps written by someone who seems to see danger and threats behind every corner. 

The Plaintiffs seem to have psychic abilities and know the intent of all vehicle drivers and provide many social media excerpts from various Trump Train participants in an attempt to portray malicious intent.

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