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  What Would Bad Guys Do  

  • Block information

  • Blocked Email

  • Blocked Video

  • Call for Early Voting

  • Encourage Mass Mailing of Ballots

  • Inflate/Manipulate Voter Rolls

  • Access Networks

  • Albert Sensors

  • Iroc

  • Ilo

  • CISA compromise

  • Remark Paper Ballots - Under Vote

  • Re-Mark Paper Ballots - Over Vote

  • Break Chain of Custody

  • Remove ballots to remote locations out of video coverage

  • Broken Seals on Ballot Boxes

  • Broken Seals on voting systems

  • Cover Windows

  • Shut down counts

  • Disable video cameras

  • Reset/adjust ballot printing

  • Ballot Harvest - TX Video

  • Ballot Stuffing - 2000 Mules

  • Privatize/Fund election operations - Rigged movie

I cancelled Your Vote from my computer - Hacker.jpg
I cancelled your Vote from my phone.jpg
BAD GUY Uses Your Undervote.jpg
BAD GUY Cancels Your Vote.jpg

36 wireless devices located on Dominion Voting Machine.
Report 3

Dominion deletes 2020 Election Voting Records after "maintenance update" called Trusted Build in ____ states.

CISA computers unknowingly  compromised for 10 months.  CISA directs cyber security for all voting systems.

All voting systems are constantly monitored online with Albert Sensors.

All voting systems are constantly online with back door maintance software knowns as ilo or iRac

Voting systems has unauthorized software MYSQL which any hacker can access and change votes easily.

Counties send real-time voting records to Spain directly.  Spain then shares the information between other groups BEFORE sending results back to the United States fo reporting on broadcasts.

Congressional statements by politicians and computer science Election Integrity experts declare the Electronic voting machines are vulnerable to attack and manipulation.

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