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  • In 2000, Clint, then a computer programmer, wrote a program to switch votes to give a 51/49 victory to the selected candidate in Florida.  Now as a Democrat/whistleblower, Clint exposes the truth with a mission to eliminate all Electronic Voting Systems because they ALL can be manipulated to switch election results.

  • Head of the Law Office of Clint Curtis and Associates in Orlando, Florida, providing assistance to veterans as well as concentrating on government corruption cases.


  • Nominated for US Congress twice


  • Wrote original computer code for electronic voting machines to flip elections

  • Vulnerabilities/Untrustworthiness of Complex Computer Voting Systems

  • Why claims of "not connected to the internet" is not actually true.

  • Why audits do not work

  • Advice and results of consultation over the years with U.S. and other Countries

  • Vulnerabilities/Untrustworthiness of Complex Computer Voting Systems

  • A better way – simple, 100% accurate, and 100% transparent system that everyone will trust.


Clint Curtis testifies that wrote code to flip elections 51-49 in favor of Pre-Selected Candidate

In Oct. 2000, Clint Curtis, Former Programmer Whistle Blower was the first to testify that he wrote the first machine software program to flip an election 51% to 49% in favor of a preselected candidate.

Since then, Clint has been working to expose the truth that all electronic voting systems can be manipulated so they cannot be used for fair elections.

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