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Call to Action

Goal:  Secure Hand-Marked and Hand-Counted Paper Ballots

Until the Electronic Voting Systems are eliminated and replaced with secure hand-marked and hand-counted paper ballots:

Vote in Person on Election Day.
If you received an ballot in the mail, take the ballot with you to the Poll.  If you check in and they say you have already voted (and you have not), call the sheriff/law enforcement on duty and notify them that you are a victim of identity theft and someone has voted in your name.
Most likely, the polling center will ask you to fill out a 'provisional ballot', but these will be ignored and the fake vote will stay in place, or "someone" will interpret your provisional ballot and cast a vote for you instead.

Vote in Person to Override the Algorithms.
The Electronic Voting Systems are preprogrammed to Select a candidate or issue that someone else wants. 
Voting in Person and on Election Day will thwart the programming that pulls phantom volters from inflated voter rolls and cast a vote that you did not select. 

Stay tuned for specific action steps that are being formulated for pressure Electronic Voting Machine gatekeepers to go to hand-marked and hand-counted paper ballots.  A handful of county commissioners authorize Million Dollar contracts to Electronic Voting Systems that can be manipulated to PRESELECT national, state, and local candidates and issues and often contrary to the will of the people.

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Yes, Virginia, there is
Voter Fraud ...

How you vote is
not as critical as
"Who" counts
the Votes!

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Graphic trace of Cyber Attacks on the 2020 Election from outside the United States.    Cyber security professionals tracked Internet Protocal (IP) addresses accessing county computers indicate that most attacks originated from China.


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