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Dr. Walter C. Daugherity is a computer consultant and also Senior Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in mathematics, and then earned master’s and doctor’s degrees from Harvard University, which he attended on a Prize Fellowship from the National Science Foundation

  • As a computer expert he has consulted for major national and international firms, and for government agencies, including classified work.


  • Dr. Daugherity helped develop the national computer keyboard standard and invented integrated user training within computer applications as well as various electronic computer interfaces.


  • Published 26 research articles from over $2.8 million in funded research projects, plus conference papers and other publications.

  • Taught many areas of computer science and engineering for 37 years (32 years at Texas A&M University), including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, programming and software design, and cyberethics.


  • At Harvard he received the Bowdoin Prize and medal for writing, and in 2015 was named a Distinguished Alumnus of Oklahoma Christian University.


  • He is a life member of the Association for Computing Machinery and American MENSA.




  • Analysis of forensic images of Colorado voting systems showing indisputable evidence of voting system manipulation.

  • Analysis of Cast Voter Records in many counties across the country (with voting machines from different vendors) showing similar patterns of vote manipulation.

  • Election Management Systems (EMS) vulnerabilities to external and internal attacks

  • Trustworthiness of Logic and Accuracy Tests (L&A) and Risk Limiting Audits (RLA)



Forensic expert: If you can't trust voting machines, don't use 'em (


Telegram: Dr_D_Presents

Rumble: wdaugherity 

Forensic Examination Proves Vote Manipulation and Illegal Destruction of Records on Dominion Voting Machines By: Jeffrey O’Donnell and Dr. Walter C. Daugherity April 21, 2022

Mesa County Colorado Report #3 (

Proof that Dominion Software generated two sets of databases and not all votes were reported.

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