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Glad you are Here!
The Democrat Party of the 1960's no longer exists because it has been hijacked by Leftist, Marxist (intent on destroying American Capitalism and families), and the WOKE culture.  Some even say it has been hijacked by the Communist Party.
Ironically, many are voting Democrat at the Polls, but living Conservative values at home.
You hold true to faith, family, and freedom, yet vote in those who work to oppose your values.
Perhaps you were curious about the Headline because you are a Democrat who leans towards "Common Sense" and are uncomfortable with all the Left Marxist leaders who took over your Party, or disagree with all the WOKE endorsements that go against your values, perhaps you don't understand why the Biden administration opened the border to allow millions of unvetting Illegal Aliens to cross the border and given $10K gift cards, cell phones, free housing and food, as well as voter registration forms. Illegals from 165 counties, including those from terrorist countries who focused on destroying America.
All while, you struggle to pay even higher food, housing, utilities, gas, taxes while Billions are being sent to foreign countries protect their sovereignty and borders while nothing is done about the borders of the United States.


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