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Get 610 Loopy

Independence Day
Parade & Flag Rally
July 3, 2021

 Sponsored by 
in association with:

 * United 45 

 * MAGA Drag The Interstate 

 * Patriots at Large 

 * Latinos United for America 

 * Latinos 4 Trump 

 * MAGA Movement, TX 

Trump Train Network.jpg

loopy:  adjective
1) crazy or silly
2) having many loops

"GET 610 Loopy" is a spontaneous fun First Amendment Free Speech MOVING TRIBUTE (pun intended) expressed with a peaceful convoy of U.S. Flag waving vehicles in the Houston area.  

 Who:   Open to anyone who supports America, the Flag, and is proud to be an American because it is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Circling the Sam Houston Statue in Herman Park 07-03-21

Attention: Rally Participants!

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Other photos and video clips will be posted as they are sent in.

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