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 FACT:  News is Big Business 


Large attendence at Trump / O'Reilly Historic Tour in Houston, TX Dec. 18, 2021 at the Toyota Center.

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Leftist Media reports low attendence at Conservative event a day BEFORE the event took place.

Mainstream Network News targets a Liberal audience and presents the viewpoints of its Left leaning executives who are biased against everything "Conservative".

Information that does not fit their political narrative or could possibly offend their Liberal target audience is simply not reported.

Because News is Big Business, delivering Facts and Truth are not a core requirement since the goal is to grow their audience, increase market share to generate more advertising income. 
Unfortunately, they also continue a narrative that is influenced by the radical Left. 
Some even classify the news as "Propaganda" meant to change your perspective and sway your opinion to match theirs.

1 of 13:  Democrates Leaving the Party

 This website is your NEW resource tool 

Share Conservatism Spot

It was designed specifically for you to share across political, cultural, and ethnic lines with anyone, regardless if they are Conservative, Liberal, or Independent.  It is also meant to awaken those who only focus on work, games, sports, and musis and those who don't pay attention to any current events.

Your new website showcases the many reasons why so many long time
traditional Democrats are no longer supporting the
current Democrat Party because it has been taken over by the Radical Left
They began to see things that don't make sense and started to do their own research, stuck to their values, put America First, and saw past the Fake News presented by the Democratically controlled News Media.

Many are more skeptical of the Social Media Giants (Youtube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) who "claim" to be public platforms and don't censor Conservative message, yet .... they block and cancel Conservative accounts and websites on a regular basis saying the content is "Dangerous" and does not meet "their" arbitrary standards. 
Big Tech has placed themselves to be the "arbiters of morality" and cancelling and censoring any idea that does not agree with theirs.

By sharing this website resource, you become the personal catalyst that unlocks minds and creates the political awareness for those who may only get their information from Social Media, peers, CNN, Late Night TV hosts, Mainstream Broadcast News, Hollywood,
Music, and Sports celebrities, Family, a
s well as Teachers and Professors. 

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Bookmark this site, share it, and return when you have the opportunity to re-watch the insightful and inspiring video messages that speak from the heart and are very convincing to anyone who views them.

BONUS videos of other cultures who no longer support the current Democratic Party have been added and can be identified with a bright green border, so be certain to view and share those as well.

2 of 13:  Democrat Senator switches Party

BONUS VIDEO:  Latinos/Hispanics leaving the Democratic Party. aka aka

Play Video


"Peaceful" Protesters

3 of 13: "I did some research ...

BONUS VIDEO:  Jennifer:

Cable News brainwashed me

4 of 13:  I was raised in a Liberal household

5 of 13:  Student "Off the Plantation"

(Who is behind Black Lives Matter?)

 By accepting our challenge to share this information, you may risk losing Friends and Family, so also consider donating and letting billboards do the sharing and convincing.

6 of 13:  Too Much Black & White Division

7 of 13:  I started the WalkAway Movement

8 of 13:  A Red Pill momen

Cast of  Uncle Tom  Movie Discussion

9 of 13:  Planned Parenthood History

10 of 13:  Ben Shapiro Video on
Planned Parenthood

11 of 13:  The Inconvenient Truth from Prager University

12 of 13:  Carlton is called a 'Sell Out'

13 of 13:  Former Obama White House Intern leaves the Democrat Party

BONUS VIDEO:  Libby, Liberal couldn't stand the Hate

 But ...What exactly is the  

 difference between 

 a Liberal and a Leftist? 


"Dear Liberals,

Conservative are not your enemy, the LEFT IS ..."

- Dennis Prager, Prager U

 Uncle Tom  Movie Trailer

No Safe Places Movie Trailer.

BONUS VIDEO:  The End of Fair Voting

BONUS VIDEO:  Jennifer:

Cable News brainwashed me

Question from the Website Author:

"Now that you have this resource at your fingertips that could make a direct impact on America, what will You do with it?"


Jewish Americans making an EXODUS from the Democratic Party.

BONUS VIDEO:  Social Justice Warrior claims her social media became a cesspool of hate...

What is the Electoral College?

Where to get information

that is not from the Democratically controlled media?

Click Here

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