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Are You Up to the Challenge?

If you are already a "Conservative" or just beginning to doubt the Democratic message, there is no sense in "Preaching to the Choir".


The problem is "How to reach the other side" with the Conservative message?


It is truly an uphill battle, especially when 90+% of the mainstream media and almost all large internet platform executives spew nothing but negative reports of the Trump administration WHILE under reporting anything successfully accomplished.


With the LEFT controlling the mainstream media as well as Social Media, the general public is being brainwashed to hate and disregard anything considered "Conservative";  therefore, it is up to individuals like you who have the guts and fortitude to get the message out.

Yes, you may lose friends and family if you LIKE Us on Facebook and Twitter, or add a link in your emails, but just like asking for help to move, you will discover who are your true friends and supporters.

BUT ... What if you don't have the strength to reach your immediate circle of contacts and don't want to risk losing friends and family?


THEN ... consider donating and let our uncensored billboard campaign reach everyone else around you.  Perhaps your unreachable friend and family will see our message and we can unlock their mind.

Steps You Can Take, Now!

  • Like BLEXITTEXAS.COM on Facebook or Twitter

  • Add a Link or Signature on your Emails

  • Copy the BLEXITTEXAS.COM Business Card Image and go to Vistaprint and make yourself a small quantity of business cards to hand out or place.

  • Donate to get Billboards placed.


Right Click above image to save art work for your Vistaprint Business Cards

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