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 Censored Covid 

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If you never view anything else on this website, please view and share the "Died Suddenly" movie presented by Stew Peters.

Warning:  This film is not suitable for children.

The "Died Suddenly" movie shows funeral home embalmer specimens extracted from those who have "Died Suddenly" after receiving the Covid experimental injection. 
Some suspect sinister and even evil motives behind the experimental injection, while others declare it a BioWeapon planned by Elite Globalists (including Bill Gates) to Depopulate the planet so that the earth's resources do not get depleted by other useless or unproductive humans.
Watch the movie and form your own opinion.  Afterwards you are encouraged and challenged to share this website with everyone you know.

Note:  This movie will frighten those who have received the experimental  injection and stop anyone considering getting an injection or boosters.

Dr. Lee Merritt describes animal research deaths and the "vaccine" could be a potential Part 1 of a Binary Bio Weapon (Feb. 25, 2021)

Dr. Ana Maria Milhalcea. with Sharonna Bishop.jpg

Start viewing Dr. Ana Maria Milhalcea at 18:20.
Dr. Milhalcea reports on hydrogels in the vaccines that self assemble into an indestructible rubber like clot.
Her teams analyzed the materials in vaccine vials from Pfizer and Moderna and reports nano level metallic components that self replicate when exposed to Bluetooth or 5G.
She provides similar information about the "vaccines" that Patent Researcher Karen Kingston reports regularly on about the vaccines are derived from Bio Weapon research, in the documentary "Final Days", as well as in the documentary "Died Suddenly " that shows coroners pulling out large rubbery clots from bodies of vaccinated people.

Both documentaries are contained on the website

There are suppliments like NAC and Nattokinase to counteract the Spike Proteins generated from the mRNA, but reducing the metallic self replicating components is through EDTA that binds with metals.

Dr. Ana also mentions these items in her interview:  Humic and Fulmic Acid, High Doses of Vitamine C, and Hydrosol Gold.

She also mentions her new information website:  It's About The Future: My New Website Launch (

Important New Information from Dr. Bryan Ardis regarding Covid and Snake Venom research. 
(See video below)

Snake Venom Treatment.jpg

 Early Treatment is the KEY! 

1.  Hospitals following NIH/CDC Protocals are paid financial incentives and payouts to only treat with dangerous Remdesivir and ventilators.  They are also provided with specific series of hospital billing codes to use for Covid treatments for financial bonuses.

(Remdesivir is known to cause liver and kidney failure that builds up fluid in the kidney, lungs, and around the heart causing heart failure and forcing the use of ventilators.   
Ivermectin is approved for Covid treatment by the NIH and has no harmful side effects, but there is no financial incentive for the doctors or hospitals so they are directed not to use it.)

2.  Hospitals following NIH/CDC Protocals receive additional bonus incentives from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or Social Security) for using NIH/CDC Protocals),

Question:  Why is Social Security is rewarding hospitals for using a harmful and often deadly drug treatment in the NIH/CDC treatment protocals. 

Answer:  Some theorize that Social Security can save Billions by not paying out long-term benefits to those classified as "Covid Deaths".

3.  PLUS, Hospitals following NIH/CDC Protocals are given immunity from any LIABILITY because they are protected under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) guidelines.

On this Website, you can view Doctors, Researchers, and Scientists speak about Covid despite massive Biden Administration censorship and Government Propaganda.

We pulled together just a few sample video clips from experts who have been cancelled by YouTube (owned by Google) and had no alternative than to move their information to other internet platforms such as,, and

After viewing just a few of the video clips on this website, it then becomes your duty to share this potentially life saving information.

America is fighting three Fronts:

1) Leftism-Socialism-Marxism-Communism

2) Virus called Severe Acute Respitory Syndrone 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causing the Coronoavirus Disease
2019 (COVID-19)

3)  Election Crime using Electronic Voting Machines

Unfortunately, these three fronts dovetail into each other and are suppressed and censored from the American Public.

Most recently, enforced injection of an experimental drug by employers and even children is a direct violation of the
Nuremberg Code of 1947 which is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation created by the USA vrs Brandt court as one result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War.

Safe Re-purposed drugs in addtion to Over-the-Counter drugs and vitamin supplements can be used to treat and even prevent Covid;  however, evidence shows that there is a widespread suppression of that information by established medical institutions, government officials, Big Pharma, as well as orchestrated censorship by main stream media in conjuction with Big Tech Social Media platforms who cancel and deplatform anyone who challenges those directives.

Sample YouTube Censorship

Youtube Violation.jpg
Youtube Censorship.jpg

The Biden Administration has directed Big Tech to censor any information against the vaccine or any multi-drug prevention and treatment of Covid using long established and proven meds such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.
Censored or deplatformed account owners have no recourse other than it fits Big Tech's definition of "Misinfomation" or "Disinformation".

Successful Covid Treatment Doctors, Researchers, Immunologist and Virologists recognize that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) have not be truthful to the American Public and they are not following their own science and research, but following an unknown agenda.

They must place information on other internet platforms such as,, and to host videos to prevent Censorship by Google and YouTube.

Deliberate Government Censorship

Whitehouse directs FaceBook to deplatform Covid "Misinformation"/"Disinformation" against Vaccinations.
(July 15, 2021)

Dr. Lee Merritt describes animal research deaths and the "vaccine" could be a potential Part 1 of a Binary Bio Weapon (Feb. 25, 2021)

Dr. Peter McCullough describes his findings of information suppression in the treatment of Covid patients on the Tucker Carlson program. 

He has testified before the Texas Health and Human Services (March 10, 2021) about the fact that no one is providing treatment resources and regimes to the public or to other doctors faced with Covid patients.

Dr. McCullough before Texas Senate Health & Human Services (March 10, 2021)

Dr. McCullough on Tucker Calson Today Show (May 7, 2021)

Dr. Joseph Varon (1).jpg

Dr. Varon at United Memorial Medical Center - Houston (June 25, 2021)

Dr. Joseph Varon, Chief of Critical Care at of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston stating Hydroxychloroquine works.

He is interviewed by Ivory Hecker, formerly of Fox 26 in Houston, who outed the Fox Corporation for directing suppression of any information on treatment of Covid with Hydroxychlorquine because it was about what the General Management wanted, not what was good for the public.

Ivory Hecker took her plight to Project Veritas to expose the information suppression by the Fox Corporation.

Dr. Varon on KPRC/Houston (____________)

America's Frontline Doctors Logo.jpg
America's Frontline Doctors Capital Summit (1).jpg

America's Frontline Doctors held a summit at the Capital on October 17, 2020 describing their successful treatment of Covid patients. 

The videos went viral with 20 Million views because the public wanted to hear their findings and discoveries.  YouTube, Facebook and Twitter instantly deleted the video series claiming it was "misinformation" and violated their self proclaimed guidelines as the only reason for deplatforming the information.

America's Frontline Doctors Logo.jpg

Presentations by Frontline Doctors at Capital Summit (October 17, 2020)

America's Frontline Doctors Capital Summit Videos (1).jpg

Candace Owens interviews Dr. Stella Immanuel of Houston about her successful treatment of Covid patients. (Nov. 15, 2020)

Dr. Stella Immanuel (1).jpg

Dr. Isabella Immanuel on the Candace Owens show (Nov. 15, 2020)

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Darhhorse Robert Malone, Bret Weinstein, Steve Kirsch (1).jpg

Dr. Robert Malone, Bret Weinstein, and Steve Kirsch discuss Covid and what is not being done.  (July 8, 2021)

Dr. Malone ADE Headline.jpg

Dr. Robert Malone warns about Covid variants and ADE after injections (July 28, 2021)

America's Frontline Doctors Logo.jpg

FrontLine Doctors present Summit in San Antonio (July 28, 2021)

FrontLine Doctors Summit 072721 (1).jpg
Alex Newman Dr. Lee Merritt Sept 1, 2021 (1).jpg

Sept. 1, 2021 Alex Newman Interview of Dr. Lee Merritt on the Covid injection causing the Variants and Spike Proteins.

Dr. Steven Hotze and Dr. Robert Young describe what is in the experimental injection.  (10/21/21)

"Stop the Shot"
The NIH Covid Protocal Hospitals will Kill You because they are ignoring Patient Advocates and Medical Directives.

Get an Attorney First ...

Stop the Shot TruthForHealth.jpg

'Don't go to a hospital, the NIH Hospital Protocals using Remdesivir will Kill you.'

Many funeral directors and coroners in Great Britain see the resulting deaths from the vaccine and refuse to get vaccinated.

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 Censored Covid 

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