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 Censored Covid 

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If you never view anything else on this website, please view and share the "Died Suddenly" movie presented by Stew Peters.

Warning:  This film is not suitable for children.

The "Died Suddenly" movie shows funeral home embalmer specimens extracted from those who have "Died Suddenly" after receiving the Covid experimental injection. 
Some suspect sinister and even evil motives behind the experimental injection, while others declare it a BioWeapon planned by Elite Globalists (including Bill Gates) to Depopulate the planet so that the earth's resources do not get depleted by other useless or unproductive humans.
Watch the movie and form your own opinion.  Afterwards you are encouraged and challenged to share this website with everyone you know.

Note:  This movie will frighten those who have received the experimental  injection and stop anyone considering getting an injection or boosters.

Is the Experimental Injection a "Bio Weapon"?
ANSWER:    Click Here for Dr. Lee Merrit's Response

Click Here for Full Webpage containing video clips that the Government, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Media does not want the Public to view.

Click Here for Full Website information that Government, Big Pharma, and the Media does not want the public to see. 

 Censored Covid 


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