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Yes, Virginia, there is
Voter Fraud ...

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Consequences of a Stolen Election

SPOT MachineFreeVoting

Tucker Carlson exposes the Border Invasion


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To Preserve and Safeguard the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America by replacing all vulnerable Electronic Voting Machine systems with counterfeit-resistant Paper Ballots that are Hand-Marked and Hand Counted on Election Day in the registered voter's Precinct. 

One legal vote per legally registered citizen of the United States defines the essense of Freedom in the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.

This is not a Republican, Independent, Liberal, or Democratic issue, but an American Issue and concern for every citizen because without Election Integrity and that secure legal right to vote without manipulation by outside illegal influences, we do not have a Country.


Please view this short 3-minute video to understand WHY Electronic Voting Machines must be eliminated.

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Excerpts of Congressional Testimony on
Electronic Voting Machine Manipulation

Extended Version (10:54)

Cyber and Audit Experts comment on Vulnerabilities of Current Electronic Voting Systems.

Cyber Expert Mark Blaze Testifies in 2020 about Electronic Voting System Vulnerabilities. 

Dr. Douglas Frank's research shows Voter Rolls are manipulated to insure Phantom Votes for stuffing ballots.

Dr. Frank Wyoming Registered Voters All Counties.jpg

Demonstration of flipping votes using SQL software on Dominion Voting Systems.

Facts from Experts, not Politicians

 Critical Instructions! 

Watch the next 5 videos in sequence to fully understand why Electronic Voting Systems must be abandoned and voting must be with hand counted hand marked paper ballots.

 1) Clint Curtis 
 2) Dr. Walter Daugherity 
 3) Dr. Douglas Frank 
 4) Jarrett Woodward 
 5) Primer for Texas Chapter 65 Method 

Once these videos are watched, you will be more knowledgeable about Electronic Voting Systems than most voters, politicians, election officials, judges, clerks, and citizen volunteers who run your elections.

Begin to share this website information because you are now equipped with enough basic information to take actio
n to help SAVE AMERICA.

Shareable Podcasts and Videos were designed as tools for you to share.

NOTE:  The remaining sections of this website are Optional Education.

Click to Learn about The End of Fair Voting in the United States because of HR 1: "For the People Act" passed March 3, 2021.

Watch this video First
(Part 1 of 5)

Clint Curtis testifies in 2004 to a Congressional Committee about programming Electronic Voting Machines to flip votes in 2000.

If I can program a system to flip an election, so can anyone else!

Clint Curtis, former programmer/whistle blower details why the Electronic Voting Systems MUST be eliminated.

Watch this video Third
(Part 3 of 5)

Dr. Douglas Frank highlights discoveries from his research of PUBLIC data that reveal voter fraud has taken place for years in almost every county in the United States. 
He states that political leaders already know about the fraud but they don't take measures to correct it.

Dr. Frank outlines steps that must be done by the citizens themselves to counteract the loss of voter integrity in order to get America BACK!

Watch this Video Fourth
(Part 4 of 5)

Jarrett Woodward, Independent Texas Citizen examining Texas Election Code (TEC) laws and Election Assistance Commission (EAC) guidelines.

Mr. Woodward's numerous presentations to multiple Texas County Commissioner Courts offers Commissioners a workable strategy to abandon the use uncertified Electronic Voting Machines in Texas and instead, use the fall back position of implementing the already approved Standard Texas Election Code (TEC) Chapter 65 Method to Hand Count all Hand Marked Paper Ballots. 

Mr. Woodward emphasizes that the 
continued use of uncertified Electronic Voting Machines violates TEC and Election Asistance Commission (EAC) guidelines for voting systems.

Burnett County, TX.jpg

Watch this Video Fifth
(Part 5 of 5)

Video Primer of the Texas Chapter 65 Method of Hand Counting Hand Marked Paper Ballots.

NOTE:  The remaining sections of this website are just added reinforcement information for Optional Education.

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We have too many spectators watching the county heading in the wrong direction and not taking a stand.

NOTE:  Your information will be kept confidential and not be shared with any outside organization without your permission. 
It will be used strictly for communicating activities of with the goal of Honest, Secure, Transparent elections.

Thanks for submitting!

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If you have absorbed the above video information, you have more than enough insight to move to action and don't need any more convincing.

As Dr. Frank mentioned in his presentation, we don't need any more evidence that just gets ignored by politicians and the courts, we need to take DECISIVE action to get rid of the Electronic Voting Systems to TAKE AMERICA BACK!

All the information following will simply reinforce the voter fraud that takes place all over the country for years.  Take action Now, and return to visit this website when you have time, later.

In the meantime, please share this information with everyone who votes. 
Political Leaders are swayed by Public Opinion and they will follow the crowd.
Share this information to grow a tidal wave of informed voters and increase that Public Opinion and hold Politicians accountable.

Tool for You to use:
Shareable PODCASTS
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Documentary:  Unmaked - Solid Evidence of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election

Congressional Testimony of
Voting Machine Manipulation

Video: "Hacking the American Voting System"

Video:  Cyber Security Experts and Legislators from both Republican and Democrat parties testify that Electronic Voting Systems can be "hacked" and votes can be manipulated.  (4/3/22)

Video Trailer: "Selection Code"

Are candidates and issues "Pre-Selected" to win with algorithms programmed into Electronic Voting Machines?

Watch the Documentary Movie "(S)Election Code" that profiles events that took place in Colorado to cancel the voice of anyone questioning how elections are run.

In Mesa County, Colorado, thirty six (36) cell phone accessible electronic devices were discovered in their Dominion Voting machines.  See:  Election — Tina Peters for Colorado, see Report #2)

The HBO Documentary:
"Kill Chain:  The Cyber War on America's Elections"
(Released March 26, 2020)

View Entire HBO Documentary Below:

Video: "Digital Democracy"

Computer Professor Alex Halderman details vulnerability of Electronic Voting Systems

How you vote is
not as critical as
"Who" counts
the Votes!

During the 2020 Election, County Government installed cameras capture thousands of paid couriers stuffing unmanned ballot drop boxes with illegally harvested ballots, yet no one is prosecuted or punished for breaking the law.

Dinesh D'Souza's Documentary "2000 Mules" Trailer highlighting extensive and nationally orchestrated illegal Ballot Trafficking's and Drop Box Stuffing in the November 2020 Election using "phone geotracking" and government surveillance video.

Access the documentary with this link:

2000 Mules.jpg

David Bossie (Citizen's United) Documentary "Rigged 2020" Trailer about Overwhelming evidence of a plot by Democrats which included Mark Zuckerberg, to rig the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden.

View the Entire Documentary Below:

State of Denial Feature Movie.jpg

Election Fraud in the Arizona 2022 Election

"Let My People Go"
(Free Worldwide Release!)

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